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Internet Services

Affordable Satellite Internet

We provide various different options for connecting to the World Wide Web, all of which use technologies which enable us to bring you great access at an affordable price.

Satellite internet makes it possible to receive excellent quality services no matter where you are in Botswana, or Southern Africa.

We offer:

  • Uncapped internet services on our Ku-band iDirect platform, landing at our local hub,
  • Usage Based services,
  • VOIP Telephone lines

Usage Based Satellite Internet

Usage based services run at various Max download and upload speeds.

You can choose between the following packages:

  • 3GB Monthly allowance,
  • 5GB Monthly allowance,
  • 10GB Monthly allowance
  • 20GB Monthly allowance, and
  • 30GB Monthly allowance.

3GB Top-ups are availble if your volume is consumed. Public IP addresses are available.

Uncapped Satellite Internet

Our uncapped satellite internet services are available from our local Hub.

They come in the following packages:


Max Download Speed (Mbps)

Max Upload Speed (Kbps)


0.5 128


1 256


2 512


4 512


6 768


8 768


Each package has various services levels available.

Public IP addresses are available on request.

Contact Us today to find out which service and package will suit your needs.