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Internet, Available Anywhere..!

• Satellite Branch Connectivity
• Leased Line Replacement
• High-Speed Usage Based Internet
• Uncapped Internet Services
• Rural Schools and Clinics Internet / Communications
• Rural Home / Farm / Lodge Internet
• ATM’s and POS Communications

Broadband in Africa

The technologies more recently introduced into the market have delivered internet to more people than ever before, but still leave the majority of Africans without access. Internet via satellite has recently made great strides in improving the efficiency of data transmission by the use of more cost effective equipment, thereby significantly reducing the cost of service delivery.

OmniSat – Keeping Botswana Connected

OmniSat provides ubiquitous internet coverage over Botswana and Southern Africa, at reasonable prices. Combined with exceptional engineering support and unprecedented distribution and logistic support, we offer the home user, SME, corporate and government markets high quality satellite communication services.

OmniSat use state-of-the-art satellite communication technnology to deliver reliable, efficient services, that enable yout to be connected nomatter where you are.

Internet Connectivity made Easy

We are committed to providing a quality DTHi service Botswana. Through efficiency and flexibility, we are able to provide the end-user, with a purpose-fit internet service at an affordable price.

Key Features

• Maximum download speed of up to 8,192 kbps
• Maximum upload speed of up to 512 kbps
• Available Anywhere in Botswana and surrounding countries
• Quick Installation turnaround